Political Campaigns in Southern Arizona: Addressing the Affordable Housing Crisis

The Arizona Housing Coalition (AZHC) is a collaborative partnership that works to end homelessness and promote safe and affordable housing for all. In Southern Arizona, Habitat Tucson staff and volunteers are actively engaging with city, state, and county officials to discuss and advocate for the cause of affordable housing. UNITE HERE Local 11 is a union that represents more than 32,000 workers employed in hotels, restaurants, airports, sports stadiums, and convention centers across Southern California and Arizona. The National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) recently released Advancing Housing Justice, a memorandum addressed to the new Congress that highlighted the need for federal investments in affordable and accessible housing and long-term solutions to end the national crisis of affordable housing and homelessness.

Bell ringers, waiters, cooks, and housewives have been at the forefront of political change in Arizona. By making the socially conscious decision to shop at HabiStore, people can participate in building affordable housing right here in Southern Arizona. The AZHC is committed to working with local governments to create policies that will ensure everyone has access to safe and affordable housing. The organization is also working with UNITE HERE Local 11 to raise awareness about the need for more affordable housing in Southern Arizona. Additionally, they are advocating for federal investments in affordable housing through NLIHC's Advancing Housing Justice memorandum. Habitat Tucson is also working hard to make sure everyone has access to safe and affordable housing.

The organization is building homes for low-income families and providing them with financial education so they can become self-sufficient. They are also partnering with local businesses to create HabiStore, a thrift store that sells donated items at discounted prices. All proceeds from HabiStore go towards building more homes for low-income families. The AZHC, UNITE HERE Local 11, NLIHC, and Habitat Tucson are all working together to address the affordable housing crisis in Southern Arizona. By advocating for policy changes at the local level and raising awareness about the need for more affordable housing options, these organizations are helping to create a better future for everyone in the region.