LGBTQ+ Rights in Southern Arizona: How Political Campaigns are Addressing the Issue

The lack of comprehensive equal rights legislation at the federal level has left LGBTQ+ people vulnerable to an inconsistent patchwork of legal protections. The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is taking action to ensure that LGBTQ+ citizens in Arizona have equal rights, and there are ways for everyone to help. HRC has issued an emergency declaration - the first in its 43-year history - to provide a foundation for research, promotion, and education; national and state lobbying campaigns; and a political action committee that supports and opposes candidates for public office. Silver State Equality and GLAAD are also calling on the media to include LGBTQ+ people and issues in their coverage of this campaign season, and to ask candidates about their public statements, policies, and proposals for LGBTQ+ residents.

In Nevada, 22% of LGBTQ adults are raising children, making LGBTQ rights and protections an integral part of life in the state. This makes the LGBTQ electorate a necessary component for any candidate hoping to win an election. As the 2020 election season approaches, it is important to recognize the importance of protecting LGBTQ+ rights in Southern Arizona. The HRC is actively working to ensure that all citizens have access to equal rights and protections, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. It is essential that candidates for public office are asked about their policies and proposals for LGBTQ+ residents, and that the media includes LGBTQ+ people and issues in their coverage.

Additionally, individuals can help by donating to organizations such as Silver State Equality and GLAAD, which are dedicated to protecting the rights of LGBTQ+ people. By taking these steps, we can ensure that all citizens have access to equal rights and protections.